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Alliance Foster Care see foster carers as very important members of a professional team caring for looked-after children. This important role generally requires carers who are able to meet children and young people’s significant needs on a full-time basis, which can make employment alongside their caring commitments very difficult.

In acknowledgement of this, Alliance Foster Care provide an allowance to foster carers which can vary, based on the needs of the child being placed. Regardless of whether the placement is short term or long-term foster Carers receive a weekly payment of up to £605 per week, per child.  This weekly payment covers the practical needs of the child, but also, importantly includes a professional fee, to acknowledge the skills and abilities of our carers in doing this remarkable job.

Income Example

Caroline is a single, full time foster carer and is currently looking after 11-year-old James. She is new to fostering and the weekly payment that she receives for caring for James is £450, which has been calculated based on his individual needs.

£450 x 52 weeks    =    £23,400
Taxable Income      =    £0
Annual Total Paid  =    £23,400

Like all foster carers, Caroline is self- employed and her role as a foster carer entitles her to a high tax-free allowance. This means that Caroline is registered as self employed with HMRC and completes an annual tax return, something that Alliance Foster Care support her with.

Added Extras

The weekly allowance paid to foster carers is designed to cover the needs of the child in their care; from clothes and food to outings and all other treats a looked after child needs. The allowance also includes the professional fee paid to foster carers enabling them to be able to stay at home and provide their full support to the children and young people in their care who really need it.

Fostering a child is not volunteering – it is a profession and is rightly rewarded as such. We believe our financial allowances are sufficient for carers and looked after children to prosper, and it is only one part of the support we offer. In addition to the weekly allowance, Alliance Foster Carers receive birthday and festive period payments to help cover these annual costs for the child in their care. They also receive a respite payment which is included in their weekly pay and contributes towards covering the 14 days annual respite that each of our carers are entitled to.

To acknowledge the hard work of our more experienced foster carers, we have an additional payment scheme which allows foster carers of more than 2 years the opportunity to receive a further £1000 per year, per household, subject to meeting the qualifying criteria.  Alliance Foster Care also covers the annual subscription costs for carers to become members of The Fostering Network where there is a wealth of supporting information and resources.

Training and support is something that is very important at Alliance Foster Care and carers have the opportunity to achieve their Level 3 diploma in Children and Young People Workforce. Upon completion of the diploma carers qualify for a skills payment of up to £1000 across the year, in addition to their weekly fostering allowance.

At Alliance Foster Care we believe that we offer a competitive payment rate, to reflect the needs of our looked after children and as a reward for our fantastic carers. To discuss this in more detail or to answer any queries you may have contact us on 0800 1680 180.


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The Alliance Foster Care office is based in Northampton but we provide local support for fostering in Peterborough, Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedford and beyond.