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Transfer Protocol

Transfer Protocol

Don’t just listen to what we say; this is what a foster carer who decided to transfer to us has said:

We decided to move to Alliance as we had been receiving referrals from our old agency which we didn’t feel were ‘careful matches’ with regards to our birth children. A friend has recently transferred to Alliance and couldn’t say enough good things about them. The difference has been fantastic, we have had really good placements that have been carefully matched with our children and we have been extremely well supported throughout all of our placement. As a family we also feel strongly that Alliance is very family focused and makes our own children feel valued and included in the process.

We know that moving from one agency to another is a big decision and one that foster carers don’t do lightly. We believe that you should always make informed decisions so we will be very honest with you regarding the services and support we can provide to you. We will respect whatever decision you make.

When a foster carer decides to transfer to us we will support them every step of the way; we have lots of experience in carers transferring alone or with children in placement. We follow The Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol set out by the Fostering Network which is based on the assumption that foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services; and the principle that, in all circumstances, the welfare of any child in placement must be paramount.

To ensure your transfer is as smooth as possible, we will liaise with all the professionals involved and tailor the assessment process to your individual needs so that once approved with Alliance Foster Care you will have all the support you need and in place.

To read the full transfer protocol click here.