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Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Alliance Foster Care is described as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and it meets all of the National Fostering Standards and exceeds many.

We are able to offer the following placements:

  • Short-term
  • Long-term/permanence
  • Emergency
  • Bridging
  • Parent and child
  • Single placements
  • Unaccompanied and refugee children
The Alliance Hub

Alliance Foster Care looks to recruit foster carers who can provide a high level of care to the children and young people in need. To better support our foster carers and provide young people with opportunities to improve educational attainment, develop life skills, preparation for adult life or receive therapeutic support we have expanded the services that we provide.

At the Hub we have a programme of additional services that run 52 weeks a year and is staffed by a team who have a wealth of experience working with children and young people living in foster families. The team includes social worker, youth worker, support worker, teacher, psychotherapist. All have experience of working in social care, education and youth services.
At the Hub we deliver a number of workshops and group work that includes Sexual Health, Protective Behaviours, Being Healthy and Staying Safe. In addition, we invite a range of community based groups to come and talk to young people about a range of topics including Drug Awareness, Child Exploitation, Staying safe on Line. Young people receive a certificate of attendance for all our workshops which they can use to support job or further education applications.

In addition to workshops we also provide a range of support relating to young people’s education; help with homework, additional support in school hols, advice for taking exams, careers advice and support into adult education and apprenticeships.

Alliance Foster care has a long and established history of Pathway planning and delivering programs to prepare young people for adult living. We have recently reviewed and developed the programme that we deliver to cover a wider range of subjects providing young people with advice/guidance, education and an information service. Each young person has their own portfolio that evidences the work that they have completed and provides them with a useful source of information.

  • Parent & Child: Education advice and guidance for parents under 18, information sessions and workshops, parenting assessments, importance of play and attachment, advice service on housing and benefits and program of independent living skills.
  • Contact Venue: Delivering supervised and unsupervised contact. Assessment of contact and reports to LA
  • Life Story Work: Completion of life story books, support/ training for foster carers and direct work with children.
  • Consultation: A board of young people who can advise on the development of service delivery.
  • Holiday Club: Organised activities for children and young people to offer carers some respite during the long school holidays
  • Caring Kids: A fun informal group for the birth children of foster carers looking at the issues that arise in fostering families.
  • TeenZone: For teenagers who foster or are fostered to meet make new friendships, encourage engagement and have some fun.
  • Theraplay: Direct work, training for foster carers and training for staff.

At the Hub we recognise that we are very lucky to have such a great space to work with children and young people and that some of the organisations we work with don’t have the same opportunities. If space is a problem for you and you’re looking for somewhere to work with a child or a venue to have a meeting/training, we can help.

Getting in touch

For more information about the services we can deliver or learn more about Alliance Foster Care, please visit our Contact Us page.