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Working & Driving – Can I Still Foster?

Can I foster if I work?

Many people rule out fostering because they work. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not a black and white answer, and a number of other factors are taken into consideration.

People who are looking to foster but continue working have to be able to manage their employment around the needs of the child.

Fostering should be considered your primary vocation where you are able to put the needs of the child first. It is important that prospective foster carers are able to arrange childcare during the summer and half-term holidays and need to be prepared for childcare duties when foster children have unexpected days off school due to illness, for example.

There are also a number of regular meetings, contact sessions and training sessions that a carer needs to be able to attend. Since most of these tend to run during office hours, prospective carers need to be able to commit to these duties.

Carers have to have an element of flexibility within their work, in order to meet the demands of fostering. Having a good support network around you is also important if you want to continue working whilst fostering.

Can I foster if I don’t drive?

Again, don’t rule yourself out as a foster carer if you don’t hold a driving license! If you can demonstrate good understanding of fostering tasks, have a good transport network in your area or a support network that can assist you, you may still be eligible to foster.

With the many duties that come with fostering, it can make your life a lot easier by being able to drive.

One of the common misconceptions held with regards to fostering is that the children will move to a local school near to their carer. However, we often strive to keep children in their current schools to avoid any disruption to both their social life and education. It is important that you are able to take children to-and-from school, even if it is outside of your immediate location.

We are aware of the many different factors that come into play and consider each individual case when it comes to working and driving.

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